Breakaway Information

Quick Facts 

– FBC High School Winter Retreat 
– January 14th-16th 
– Only $89
– @Wi-Ne-Ma Retreat Center on the Oregon Coast close to Pacific City. 
– Leave at 9:00am on Saturday, January 14 
– Return at 4:00pm on Monday, January 16
– Bring a sack lunch for Saturday 
–  Worship, Connecting, Shopping in Lincoln City, Capture the Flag, Bonfire, and Free Time. 

Informational Letter 

As the High School staff has been preparing for the Breakaway retreat I am struck by how many leaders, students, and past students have said “BREAKAWAY!!!! I love breakaway, it is my favorite retreat that the High School Ministry does.” It is encouraging to hear all of the stories that make this weekend so special. Walks on the beach, playing board games with friends, and  finding space to recharge and relax are all examples that have been personally given to me over the past several weeks. Breakaway is truly a special weekend, and we want to do whatever we can to help get you or your High School student(s) there.    

Breakaway is the Winter Retreat for First Baptist Church of Eugene High School Ministry. This year we are heading to the Oregon Coast to spend MLK Weekend (January 14th-16th) at a camp called Wi-Ne-Ma which is located near Pacific City. We believe that weekend retreats are really important because people bond when they getaway together. Students will return home closer to their leaders and peers and ultimately Jesus Christ. Not only is it likely that students will grow in their faith while at Breakaway, but when they return they will be more connected to their Christian community which will give on-going opportunities for spiritual growth in the weeks and months ahead. 

The weekend is designed to help High School students connect with God and each other. The High School staff has been very intentional to plan out exactly how to help students experience this goal. Students who register will be placed with an official high school volunteer leader who will spend the weekend guiding their students toward Jesus and help them navigate the weekend’s activities (groups rage from 6 to 12 students). Regular attenders will be placed with their current volunteer leader(s) and visitors will be placed either with a friend(s) and/or their current age group. All high school students are welcomed to attend and current students are encouraged to bring friends even though this retreat is focused on deepening relationships with Jesus.     

We have planned the weekend to connect with students who have a variety of interests. We will spend time shopping in Lincoln City, playing glow in the dark capture the flag, hanging around a bonfire on the beach, and having free time to play cards, shoot hoops, or even take a nap.

There has been careful attention given to schedule time to take care of the soul. We will have 5 sessions for worship and Biblical teaching with an equal number of cabin times to support each other (volunteer leaders lead these cabin times with their students). Both mornings there will be space to process life individually while reading and reflecting on God’s word. Lastly, students will have an opportunity Sunday afternoon to pick from a list of learning experiences to go deeper into a topic that interests them.      

I hope to see you or your student at Breakaway, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help get you there. I believe strongly in what we’re doing and I’m excited to see how God shows up at Breakaway. Don’t forget to register at  


Saturday January 14th

8:30 -Staff/ Leaders arrive at First B

8:45- Registration opens

9am –Students arrive at the church

9:30- Leave the church

11:45- Arrive at Lincoln City Outlet Mall (Eat Lunch)

1:30- Leave Outlet Mall

2pm-Arrive at Breakaway

2:05- Group Game

2:45- Session

(Fun Songs 10m/ Orientation 10m/ Intro Speaker 20m/ Cabin Assignments 10m) 

3:30- Get Settled in Cabins

3:45-Cabin Ice Breaker

4-5:15- FREE TIME –Float & Create

5:30- Dinner

6:30- Capture the Flag on the Beach*

7:45-Night Session

 (Student Crowd breaker 5m, Message 30m, Worship 30m)

9- Cabin times

10-Snack / float & Create

10:45- Cabins

11- Lights out

Sunday January 15th

8:30- Breakfast (Explain Solo Time)

9:15- Solo Devo Time

10:30- Morning Session

11:30- Cabin Times

12:30- Lunch

1:15- Breakout Seminars

2:15- FREE TIME – Float & Create

(Beach, Open Gym/ Dodgeball, Dinning Hall, Game Room, 1 on 1-no programing)

5:30- Dinner

6:15- Night Session

(Ice breaker 5m, Message 30m, Worship 15m)

7:05- Extended Worship Night  

8:30- Cabin Times

9:30- Snack // Bonfire & S’mores* / FREE TIME – Float & Decide

(Beach, Open Gym, Dinning Hall, Game Room, 1 on 1-no programing)

11:30- Cabins

11:45- Lights out


Monday January 16th

9- Breakfast (Come Packed, Release from DH to solo time)

9:40- Solo Devo Time

10:30- Morning Session

11:30- Cabin Times

12:15- Lunch

1- clean up camp

1:30-Leave Breakaway

4-Arrive at First B