Sunday Mornings

8:30, 10 & 11:30am

*Classes only birth-age 2 at the 8:30 service

Every Sunday morning we gather to worship Jesus.  Our goal is to partner with parents to provide a world-class support to the things you’re already teaching at home.

Gospel-Centered Bible Teaching


We’re so excited to be digging into God’s word using the Gospel Project curriculum! Check out more details on the curriculum here, and sign up for our weekly parent e-mails: Gospel Project


Small Groups


At Kid Church, kids get a short time of Small Groups to review the morning’s lesson, connect with their friends, and pray together.  While Sunday is mostly large group with a short taste of small groups, Kid Life provides extended time in small groups for kids to learn together in community.



Kids love singing songs that reinforce the Gospel truths they are hearing on Sunday mornings. 



Kids start the morning playing games together and bringing a level of energy excitement that starts with games and continues throughout the morning.



We want to have things for all sorts of kids from kinesthetic to listening.  Crafts is one of those elements that helps kids focus and direct their attention toward Jesus.




















We’ve got a class for every age!

Nursery (Nest) Birth-2.5

Foxes (Kids promote to Foxes when they turn 30 months)

Our classes promote together in June and stay together for the full school year:

Cubs (Preschool)

Wolves (Pre-K)

Lions (Pre-K)

Chipmunks (Kindergarten)

Raccoons (Kindergarten)

Deer (1st grade)

Zebras (2nd grade)

Giraffes (3rd grade)

Tree House (4th & 5th Graders)

**Classes only birth-age 2 at the 8:30 service.
All classes are open during our 10am service.
We have classes for kids birth-5th grade during our 11:30pm service, but they are consolidated into fewer classrooms.