What to expect on your first visit:

Come see us at the 1st B Kids info desk to the right of the main Information desk.

We’ll ask for your name, e-mail and phone number, and the names and birthdates of the kids you’re dropping off. Once we’ve got this typed in, we’ll print out a parent badge for you, and a name tag for your kid.

The kid’s name tag tells you the class that they’ll be in, and also has the room number so you can find it easily. Keep track of the parent badge, you’ll need this sticker to pick them up. Our volunteers will check to make sure your badge matches the security code on your kid’s name tag at pick up.

The name tags and badges also have a pager # on them, this number is what we’ll put up on the small black screens throughout the church to let you know if your child needs you.



To make check-in really easy we’ve got 6 dads checking in families on ipads in our lobby, and staff at the desk as well.

We can’t wait to see you at FBC Eugene!!